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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where Went the Warlock Quests?

Sentaigrehsk's Journal; Level 1, I met a lady standing in the graveyard behind the chapel today. She looked scary. Beside her was a dark man, with a wicked little creature dancing beside him. She had a task for me--much like everybody else around here seems to have. Like a fool I took her at her word. I hunted down and killed three people--defias scum, no real loss I suppose. But when I returned to her she revealed that what I took from them had never been hers in the first place; she revealed that the defias theives had played right into her hands by stealing a book that she had wished to steal herself. I'm unaware of how I should feel about this...but she taught me something in exchange...

Back in the day, there were class-quests. Why the hell did they quit making those? Granted, many of them were stupidly easy, and those that were not easy had somewhat lackluster rewards (I imagine to placate those who wouldn't be able to find groups.) But they added a depth and immersion to the classes and to the game itself that I simply don't feel from level 61 onward.

Astien's Journal; Level 10, 'At green-stached codger Blackwrench gave me some bit about needin' ta head ta the ol' stormie city to talk ta some tall bastard 'bout getting meself a blueberry. Fucker said he'd fallen in with some pretty young thing and lost 'is shiney bauble. Now it's my job ta go get it back jes cuz these tallies can't keep it in their pants. Nether blasted assholes must not be gettin' enough air bein up so high likes they is.

Going to the trainer and simply learning new abilities has no charm, no flair. I certainly understand why it's necessary for most of a class' abilities. After all, if we had to quest for every single one, than most people wouldn't bother getting half, or more, of their spells--but blizz had a good balance in vanilla WoW, why'd they abandon it altogether?

Arnoux's Journal; Level 20, Men of honor and goodness, the blind one was right in questioning their existence--for there are none. Their race is week; subject to the whims of their flesh-bound form. In all the world only two were said to exist, and even those two cursed me as I cut their hearts from their chests. What honor can there be in such an ignoble entrance to death? I was fortunate that the Succubus accepted my offering despite the impurity of weakness with which it was tainted.

Not just abilities either. I remember gathering shards of a crystal from Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deepths (I think) to forge an off-handed item with some killer stats. And back before all the gear was re-itemized in patch 2.3 (when spellpower and other stats were added to low level gear) the bloodrobe was one of the best pieces of non-endgame gear in vanilla WoW. I know at least a few warlocks who stuck with it until Outlands. (Though I managed to upgrade to the Robes of the Lich myself.)

Sentaigrehsk's Journal; Level 53, I was working with the druids in the Fel Wood today, trying to use my knowledge of demonic magic to help them reverse the demon-taint that pervades the land. We made only a little progress, but that's not important. Far more noteworthy than my continued failure to apply my knowledge as a force for good is this pompous little gnome I met. He promised me the ability to summon a guardian of immeasurable physical strength if I helped him out. While the gnome's petty ambitions are of no concern of mine--perhaps this knowledge he promises will prove the key to unlocking Fel Wood's cure!

Wait, wut? (Yes, I was a terrible warlock in those days.)

There are a lot of mechanics blizzard has abandoned as time has gone on, thanks to WoW's development team has learned and evolved. On most issues, I applaud them for that. I may be a fan of the old, more hardcore-oriented content, but speaking in terms of the big-picture, I think most of blizzard's decisions have been for the better. Making raids more accessible, creating more 5-man endgame content, giving classes like druids and pallies the ability do do something other than heal--these are all excellent things.

Sentaigrehsk's Journal; Level 60, I constructed the cage as I was instructed, and used the device Mr. The Decrepit had me build to ensnare one of the legion's Doomguards here in the tainted scar. Thank The Shadows Lord Kazaak no roams there. As promised, I learned the secret of summoning and controlling one...but the secrets that were imparted to me fill me with fear. Such terrible power at my fingertips, with a cost only a demon would be able to bear upon his conscience. I wonder, not for the first time, if the path I have chosen will leave anything left of my soul.

On this matter, however, I think the devs made a mistake. I'm certainly not an experienced game designer, but I'm familiar enough to know that adding 2 or 3 quests for each of the ten classes would not be a terribly difficult thing to do. Certainly not as difficult as many of the other projects blizzard undertakes. An NPC here or there, some quest text, toss a named mob into some unused bit of real estate and boom.

Sentaigrehsk's Journal; Level 70, Today I helped my young student Moreven master her Dreadsteed. For months she's collected spell components, bartered with demons, and ventured into lethal danger, and today I watched as she single-handedly subjugated a Nathrezim with the skills I have taught her. My eyes welled with tears at the sight...and I'm not sure if it is my pride in her for succeeding, or my shame in myself for enabling her to do so.

Given that two expansions have gone by since the last class quest, with one or two exceptions, I doubt we're going to see any more of them in the future. However, if Blizz is listening, then please heed the words of this humble old warlock, and give me back this little bit of immersion that you abandoned. I don't care if the rewards are absolutely worthless, or if there are no rewards at all. I just want my class to feel special again.


  1. You are absolutely right; I've felt the same for a long time. The difference being, I play a druid. And don't group. I still haven't got the courage to stab that devilsaur with the poisoned dagger...

    Going beyond the class-quests, I believe the classes should dominate other things too, like certain thing being easier for certain classes. Druids for example should get a herbalism-bonus, hunters skinning, mages would have a 2 point talent somewhere which enabled them to smith and cook without the aid of external fire... All those little things would add to the uniqueness and appeal of each class.

  2. I think you're definitely on the right track here, though I'd have to disagree with some of your examples.

    I certainly agree that the classes should feel like more than just a pile of gear, stats, and mathematically based abilities.

  3. Heh, yeah. :P I just thought them off the top of my head, but anyway...
    That is why I love druids, because they are very different from every other class, as they can transform into animals. But when you get over that, it's just a different shaman. :<
    But maybe these revolutional designs could work better for a new game, than an existing one.

  4. People said the same thing to me when I sugguested WoW should introduce phasing technology a year and a half ago.

  5. Oh. :D Hehe.

    I would like to make the suggestion, but unfortunately I can only post on the European forums, so all the suggestions go to deaf ears. :/

    I guess the features should be something minor, like druids get a 1 point talent in Feral tree to get a small combat-pet... Or non-combat pet.
    Something fun but not very useful, and it would be at the end of the tree so you can make a statement that you are following that exact tree. Or no talents but some more quest with class-unique rewards. Like a new "hidden" skill, which is not really mandatory for any player. Hmm...

  6. I think anything in a talent tree would have to have some sort of actual use--but that doesn't mean this is a bad idea at all. There are a multitude of 'pointless' attached to a few useful talent points. For example, BM hunters (at least at one time) had a mounted speed increase--but that same talent was also fairly essential to a good BM dps tree.

  7. Hmm. I think that talent was transferred over to the survival tree, but I am not too sure...

    How about quests teaching passive abilities? For example, a quest which makes a druid more with the nature, so the bears' aggro-range will decrease when the druid is in bear-form, and cats' aggro will decrease when in cat-form. :o