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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Brief Introduction

Welcome one and all, the the dreary drafts that I, your most humble and decrepit dot-lock, throw up here on the intrawab. Despite my usual long-winded ways (a side effect of getting old you know,) I'm going to attempt to keep this introductory post brief, since I doubt anyone will ever actually read it even if by some miracle this blog becomes both regularly updated and popular.

A little over a year ago, I started a blog called Wearing Black in the Back. The intent of the blog was to give me some place where I could write things, and post them, and show them to people. I wanted to keep myself motivated to write on a somewhat regular basis, without the social net that places like livejournal snare you with. In this regard, Black in the Back has been a moderate success.

I ran into something of an issue, however. I frequently found myself wanting to write about World of Warcraft. Either by putting up entries devoted to my adventures, or by writing about my experiments with my most beloved warlock class. And, given the popularity of WoW as a search term, and the popularity of my girlfriend's WoW blog, those entries invariably became somewhat popular. While it was nice to see people reading what I was writing, I didn't like the image I was accidentally giving myself. People have linked to that blog as 'a warlock blog,' which is manifestly untrue. However, a great deal of the entries on the blog WERE about warlocks. And what's more, there are a great deal of entries I didn't write, because I didn't feel they reached the standard of quality I was trying to hold the blog to, and wanted to avoid giving the blog more of a gaming connection than it already had.

Ergo, after some prodding from my girlfriend, I decided to make this place. If I ever want to write about World of Warcraft, my adventures in it, or the class that I play, they will go here, safely away from the rest of my writings.

And with that said, I'll end this introductory post. Yes--that was short.

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