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Monday, September 19, 2011

Whoops, forgot to refresh my Soul Stone...

In case you had not noticed already, this blog is dead. I have decided to keep it online since it was such a big part of my life for a short time, and led to me meeting a lot of amazing people and having some really great experiences. I'll probably never blog about WoW again. Much as I still enjoy the game, it comes and goes from my life. I probably spend more months out of the year without a subscription than I do with one.

If any of the few who are still following this blog (don't think I haven't noticed you!) would like to follow me elsewhere, I am still writing. I presently (as of September 19th 2011) maintain two public blogs.

Comma, Blank_ is my primary blog at this point. There's no focus to its content, I started it because I wanted to return to writing regularly. I figure I'll write there for six months to get myself back into good writing habits, then I'll set up a blog with an actual focus based on whatever I happen to be writing about the most.

I also post at Sailing The Garage Seas which is primarily a seasonal blog about Garage Sales, but I also post a few other bargain-hunting finds there as well.

To anybody reading who doesn't want to follow me further, thank you so much for being with me while I wrote Curse of Senility. I still look back on that part of my life very fondly. I learned so much, gained such great confidence, and feel like it really started me on a positive path in my life.

To any who might be joining me at one of the blogs mentioned above...thank you. Your support means a lot. I hope I can continue to entertain you.

Nick "Sentai Grehsk" Whelan

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